Using Tracking Data Inspector

Motion LIVE plug-in provides Tracking Data Inspector to display the 42 Control Names (Face IDs) received from Faceware, or the 57 Control Names (Face IDs) received from iPhone X. For the following purposes:

  • You can get instant feedback over tracked data from these dynamic meters.
  • Observe the relation between facial performance, analyzed Face ID stream and turn up or down the mapping sliders in kind.
  • Use the meters to determine whether to adjust via the Strength sliders or the advanced Expression Mapping Panel.
  1. Make sure the default or added gears are launched and connected (green light) with Motion LIVE plugin.
  2. Click the Tracking Data Inspector button on the Motion LIVE panel.
  3. The Tracking Data Inspector panel will display on the screen. On the panel, Control Name Stream receiving status are shown and constantly changing.
  4. You can type into the Control Name field to display a specific facial feature.
  5. In the Facial Motion LIVE panel, adjust the sliders in the Strength section to change the captured result in realtime.
  6. Alternatively, open the Expression Mapping Panel to exaggerate or ease the mapping result in accordance with the data status list in the Track Data Inspector.