Intermediate - Group Manager

Group Manager is a utility that creates layer controls for iClone. When using Group Manager, every object that is created within iClone is placed under a group - usually the World group. Each group has it's own properties - and each object assumes the properties of the group it exists under. Group can operate on its child elements in a single operation such as toggling visibility. Once the Group Manager is initiated a dialog window will appear containing operational instructions and a default group containing everything in the scene (Group_0). You can create a new empty group by right-clicking on an empty area and assign it items from the default group. You can also double-click on the group label to rename the group and toggle the checkmark beside it to show/hide items belonging to that group.

You will learn how to:

  1. Create UI using Pyside2.
  2. Change and control object states.

Required files (

  1. Group Manager script (

Steps to take:

  1. Open a scene in iClone, preferably a scene with many items.
  2. Load the Group Manager python script (Group into the project (Script > Load Python > ...).
  3. In the subsequent Group Manger window, experiment with organizing the scene elements by following the instructions within the panel.