Averaging Element Shape

Occasionally, some element shapes are difficult to determine and set, especially those of the 4 corner angle points. You can use the Average technique to create an intermediate shape between two angle points.
( Watch Tutorial - Multi-angle Sprites for 360 Heads )

  1. Apply a default character and switch to the Composer mode.
  2. Create a custom head by replacing the elements with the Sprite Editor (for better observation, the body is removed).
  3. Click the 360 Head Creator button on the toolbar.

    Alternatively, you can execute the 360 Head Creator command in the Modify menu.
  4. Set the head turn with Transformation, Deformation, Sprite Switch and Layer Reordering techniques for Up, Down, Left and Right angle points because these four are the easiest angle to compose.
  5. Click to the Angle Points at the four corners. The default settings, especially the face shape, are apparently inappropriate and hard to correct.
  6. Click on one of the corner angle points (in this case the Top-Right one)
  7. Select one of the facial element (this step can not be skipped).
  8. Click the Average button on the 360 Head Creator.
  9. Click two angle points as the source for averaging.
  10. The shape will be formed by averaging the Transformation and Deformation data from the two target angle points.
  11. Repeat the same steps for the rest of the facial elements in this angle point.
  12. Click the Preview button on the 360 Head Creator to view the head turn result.
  13. Use the Average feature for the head turn of the rest of the angle points.