Copying and Pasting Angle Points Settings

The 360 Head Creator provides a feature for copying and pasting the attributes of one facial element to another of a different angle point. This feature is very useful, especially for the angle points at the four corners.

  1. Apply a default character and switch to the Composer mode.
  2. Create a custom head by replacing the elements with the Sprite Editor (for better observation, the body is removed).
  3. Click the 360 Head Creator button on the toolbar.

    Alternatively, you can execute the 360 Head Creator command in the Modify menu.
  4. Set the head turn with Transformation, Deformation, Sprite Switch and Layer Reordering techniques for Up, Down, Left and Right angle points because these four are the easiest angle to compose.
  5. Click to the Angle Points at the four corners. The default settings are apparently not ideal and hard to correct.

    *You can adjust the face in these angle points one after another. However, you can also follow the steps below to expedite the process.
  6. Click the Copy / Paste button on the 360 Head Creator.
  7. Click on the Left angle point to set it as the source.
  8. Then click on the Top-Left angle point as the pasting target.

  9. The head of the Top-Left angle point will appear identical to the Left one.
  10. Select the Talking Head layer in the Layer Manager.
  11. Clockwise rotate the entire head.
  12. Repeat the same steps for the Bottom-Left angle point.
  13. Also copy and paste the head turn data of the Right angle point to the Top-Right and Bottom-Right angle points.
  14. Rotate the Talking Head layer again for these two angle points.
  15. Click the Preview button on the 360 Head Creator to view the head turn in action.