Keeping End Effector Angle

Unlike the End Effector Rotation setting that have the bone with end effector be rotatable, the End Effector Angle locks up the current angles of the bones with end effectors as well. You can then use this feature to ensure the bones do not accidentally rotate to undesired angles.

  1. Create or apply a character.

  2. Make sure the character is selected and open the 2D Motion Key Editor.
  3. Set a pose for the character.
  4. Apply a prop and link it to the certain bone (in this case, the left hand bone).
  5. Open the 2D Motion Key Editor again.
  6. Activate the Constraints and drag the bone linked with prop. As you can see the bone rotates along with the movements.
  7. Undo the pose and activate the Keep End Effector Angle box.
  8. Select and drag any bone (the end bone excepted) in the IK chain. As you can see, no matter how to move the bone, the angle of the bones with end effectors will be left untouched.