G1 Character with Single Angle

G1 (generation 1) characters can be found in CrazyTalk Animator Version 1. They are designed facing either front or side views (implied by the directions of the left feet of the character). There is no way to change the direction of this type of character in CrazyTalk Animator Version 1.

If you apply this type of characters to CrazyTalk Animator Version 2 or above, then the character will be put into all 10 different slot angles. Therefore, no matter which angle you turn the character, it will still look the same. Please refer to the G2 Character with Multiple Angles section for more information.

Most of the G1 sprite-based characters of this type that are seen in the Content Library of CrazyTalk Animator version 2, or above are characters that have been converted, even if they are marked G1 at the corner of their thumbnails.