Puppeteering - Character Transformation

In addition to the Creating a Path Animation method, you may also use the Body Puppet Editor panel to create a character's transformation path.

  1. Select a character.
  2. Go to a specific time frame where you wish to start to puppet the character's transformation data.
  3. Click the Puppet Editor button to show the puppet panel. If it brings up the Face Puppet Editor panel, then click the Switch to Body Puppet button.
    The Body Puppet Editor panel will now show.
  4. Press the Move button down.
  5. Press the Space Bar to start previewing. (Or click the Preview button and press the Space bar)
  6. Press Ctrl + Enter to start recording, or click the Record button and press the Space bar to start recording the motion during puppeteering. The motion can be triggered with the same mouse manners as you did in the preview mode.
  7. Press Space bar, or ESC key, to stop recording.
  8. Go to the time frame in Step 2. Repeat the steps to puppet and record with the Zoom or Rotate buttons pressed.
    The illustration below shows the Zooming results.
  9. If you have puppeteered the Move and Zoom data of the character, then you will see the Transform Path.

    Front view

    3D view