Full Face Control Puppeteering

The Full Face control Puppeteering uses presets for puppeteering and recording expressions. If you are using a Hybrid Head, then it is highly recommended that you use the Solo Feature Selection Puppeteering method to create facial expressions.

  1. Select a character and click the Puppet Editor button.

    Morph-based face

    Sprite-based face

  2. If the Body Puppet Editor panel shows, then click the Switch to Face Puppet button.
  3. Pick a desired profile from the Face Animation Profile list.
  4. Choose a preset in the Full Face Control list.
  5. Press the Space Bar to start previewing. (Or click the Preview button and press the Space bar)
    The mouse interactive area covers the entire screen.
  6. Move your mouse to puppet. The selected face will be triggered to move with the mouse cursor. Press the Space bar again to stop previewing.

    Mouse cursor moves to the top right

    Mouse cursor moves to the bottom right

  7. Click the Record button and press the Space bar (or press the Ctrl + Enter) to start recording the motion as puppeteered by your mouse.
  8. Once the recording stops, a clip with all the recorded expressions will be stored in the Facial Clip Track of the character.