Introduction of Elastic Motion Panel

The Elastic Motion can be edited through the Elastic Motion Editor as shown below:

  Name Description
1 Mode

These two radio buttons switch the current clip to an entrance or exit animation.

2 Motion

You can adjust the RTS settings of the status of the prop at the start or at the end time.

3 Repeat / Enlarge Clip

Modify the number of this field to repeat and enlarge the current motion clip.

4 Align

Use this control to set the center position of the prop for rotating and scaling.

5 Fade In / Fade Out

Activate or deactivate this box in order to make the entering or exiting prop gradually become semi-transparent and vice versa.

6 Preview

Click this button to preview the elastic motion result of the selected animation clip.

7 Motion Curve

Click this button to switch to the Motion Curve panel for adjusting the transition method from the start point (blue bounding box) to the end point (black bounding box).