Setting Layer Keys for Characters

After you apply motions to character, the layer order will be determined by auto-calculating the bone structure of the character. However, the layer order is not always fixed throughout the whole project. You may set layer keys in different time frames by moving the body parts up or down.

  1. Select a character whose leg swings. With the initial layer order; the right leg will always be behind the left leg.
  2. Go to the time frame before the character crossed legs.
  3. Open the Layer Editor by clicking the Layer Editor button.
  4. Select the body part of the dummy in the panel (you may hold the Ctrl key for selecting multiple body parts).
  5. Click the Send to Front button.
  6. Click on the target body part above which you want to move (you may hold the Ctrl key to select multiple target body parts).
  7. Go to another time frame where you need the layer order to be reset.
  8. Click the Release Key button to remove the effect of the key. The initial layer order will now be retrieved.
  9. Play the project to see the result.