Sprite Transformation Animations

Since props are usually composed of a group of at least one sprite, you may imagine a prop as a container that contains one or more sprites. The container will perform its own animations while the sprites inside of it perform their own individual animations.

Please note that this feature only supports props and not characters.

  1. Select a prop (with one or more sprites) in the Stage Mode.
  2. Press the hotkey K to bring up the Prop Key Editor on the Property Bar.
  3. Select the target sprite in the prop.
  4. Move, rotate or scale the sprite to set a transform key.

    How to rotate a sprite around?: Use three keys to make a sprite turn around - 0-->179-->359 instead of 0-->180-->359.
  5. Go to another time frame and add a new transform key.
  6. Repeat Steps 3 to 5, to create a transform animation for another sprite in the same prop.
  7. You may also set a path for the prop to move along. Please refer to the Creating a Path Animation section for more information.