Turning the Character with Angle Keys

After aG2 character has been applied with 3D motions, you are able to turn the character to different angles while the motions is still correctly performed.

  1. Move the character to set the transform path.
  2. Move to the start frame of the path.
  3. Apply a 3D motion to a G2 character.
  4. Click the 3D Motion Key Editor button to open the panel.
  5. Move back to the start frame of the path and drag the slider under the 3D view to determine the angle of the character (in this case, 45 degrees).
  6. Move to the time frame when the character needs to change its direction.
  7. Apply 3D motion again to the character.
  8. Drag the slider again to set another angle (in this case, 135 degrees).
  9. Play back to view the result.