Introduction of Facial Animation Setup Panel

In Cartoon Animator, you can always replace a character with another one by drag and dropping the desired one onto the existing one. However, now there are some regulations for replacing characters.

  Name Description
1 Indication This animation indicates the animation result of the selected expression of the facial feature.
2 Face Part You can select adjustable facial features from this pane. Including the eyebrows, eyes, irises, nose and mouth.
3 Expression Select one of the expressions within the list for further adjustments.
4 Adjusting Mode You can switch to Deform or Transform mode by pressing down either one of these buttons.
5 Mirror Options Click this button to determine the mirror method for the currently selected facial feature or expressions.
6 Deform Settings Use the deform settings to determine the size and influencing weight of the Deform box for the currently selected expression.
7 Preview Click this button to preview the deforming result of the selected expression.
8 Reset Click this button to ignore your adjustments to the selected expression and reset to the default one.
9 Clear Click this button to return the selected expression to a neutral one, for no expression at all.