Making a Sprite-Chain Prop

If you want to create a prop with chained sprites, then you can use the Attach feature found in the Composer mode.

  1. In Stage Mode, select a prop and save it into the prop library.
  2. Switch to the Composer mode.
  3. Search for the sprite in the library you saved in Step one. Drag and drop it into the working area twice.
  4. Move, rotate or scale the sprite to the appropriate position.
  5. Set the pivots for each sprite to the right place for correct rotation.

    The hierarchy in the Scene Manager:
  6. Use the attach tool to set the sprites into a tree structure.
  7. Change the layer order if necessary.
  8. Click the Back to Stage button to update the prop.
  9. The motion of the chained prop can now be set using the Prop Key Editor (shortcut: K) on the Property Bar.