Grouping Rules for G3 Characters and Props

When a G3 character or a prop is exported into an image editor in PSD format, then the sprites (in the Composer Mode of Cartoon Animator) will be turned into group layers.

Besides, the elements in the sprites will be converted into different image layers as well in the image editor.

However, after the structure of the exported PSD is changed in the image editor as shown below, then the group name can be renamed with specific prefix to make Cartoon Animator to treat this group with certain behaviors.

  • Prefix "+": All the image layers under this group will be flattened and the sprite of the object will be updated accordingly in Cartoon Animator.

    And you will see that the object is updated as the file you designed in your image editor.

  • Prefix "-": The entire group and its sub layers will be eliminated from the sprite list of the object in Cartoon Animator.
  • No Prefix: The image layers will be treated as the elements of the sprite in Cartoon Animator.

    And you will only see the first element shown on the working area.