Converting Text to Speech

Cartoon Animator can also animate through text-to-speech engines. By default CTA is connected to Microsoft's TTS (Text-to-Speech) engine, but users may incorporate their own additional engines if they wish to create their own talking scripts.

Cartoon Animator supports SAPI compliant Text-to-Speech engines. If you currently only have one voice installed (default), then visit Microsoft's website for additional voices.

Follow the below steps to create an audio script:

  1. Type the text in the editor window. On the other hand, you can also copy and paste text from any word processing program.
  2. Select the type of voice to be used by the model by choosing in the Voice Mode drop-down list. Various voices for both sexes with different settings, are available.
  3. Adjust the voice by using the Volume, Pitch, and Speed sliders to achieve the desired effect. You may also enter a number value directly into the boxes next to the sliders. You may need to experiment a little with these settings before achieving the desired results. Click the Reset button at any time to reset the sliders to their default values.
  4. Click the Hear it button to play back the text.
  5. Click the OK button when done.