Applying Angle for Smoothing Meshes

In the 3D virtual world, each model is composed of numerous mesh faces, also known as polygons. One model can be composed of many different number of faces. The more faces, the smoother the model and the more computing resources it consumes.

Character Creator introduces the Auto Smooth feature for the surfaces of the hair, accessories, and clothes without increasing the number of polygons. The edges of two adjacent faces can be smoothed when the physical angle they form is less than the one defined by the normals.

Video Tutorial

  1. Select a custom-made hair, accessory or cloth (in OBJ format) you wish to smooth (in this case, a pair of pants).
  2. Click the up / down arrow to increase / decrease the value of the angle. You may also directly key in the value.
  3. Click the Apply Angle button.
  4. (Optional) If smoothing does not seem to work, then enable the Merge Identical Points box and click Auto Smooth again.