Smoothing and Relaxing Meshes

The Smooth and Relax features have the same behavior, to average the faces in order to even the entire surface. However, the Relax feature tries its best to keep the original shape of the mesh while Smooth does not. Note that these features can only be used in Edit Mesh >> Face mode.

  1. Given a character with a T-shirt on.
  2. Morph the body shape. You will see the clothing showing sharp edges as the body changes.
  3. Enter the Edit Mesh Mode by the method described in the previous section.
  4. Select the cloth and enter the Mesh Edit Mode.
  5. Pick the faces that form sharp edges.
  6. Smooth the surfaces by clicking the Smooth or Relax button.
    • Smooth: The shape of the mesh changes more when the faces are evened out.
    • Relax: The shape of the mesh is kept as much as possible when the faces are evened out.