Basic Sculpting for CC1 and CC3 Base Characters

The basic sculpting method for CC1 Base or CC3 Base characters is very similar to sculpting any kind of model with ZBrush.

  1. Create a character (in this case, the default one).
  2. Select the character from the Scene Manager.
  3. Click the GoZ button on the toolbar.

    Alternatively, access the File menu >> Export >> GoZ command.

  4. Click the GoZ button to send the object to ZBrush.

    Refer to the GoZ Setting User Interface Introduction section for more information.
  5. Edit the model with tools in ZBrush.
  6. Press the GoZ button on the ZBrush to send the model back to Character Creator.
  7. Click the Continue button in the coming up message box.
  8. Click the Update button when the dialog box shows in Character Creator.
  9. The character will be updated with the new shape sculpted in ZBrush.