Targets for GoZ

Although Character Creator does not provide modeling features, it offers the GoZ feature for you to transfer the meshes in the project to ZBrush for further editing. The supported objects are character, eyes, teeth, tongue, hand and foot nails, hair, accessories, clothes, gloves and shoes.

The selection status and the display methods in ZBrush are as shown below:

  • Character and Tongue: If you select the Character only in the Scene Manager for GoZ, then you will see the character and the tongue meshes shown in the ZBrush Subtool menu.

    * Keep in mind that if you want to split more parts from the character's body, such as the nails, then you need to activate the parts in the GoZ Setting panel.
  • Character, Tongue, Eyes and Teeth: If you want to edit the eyes and the teeth along with the body, then select them from the Scene Manager with the character.
  • Character, Tongue, Eyes, Teeth, Hair, Accessories, Clothes, Gloves and Shoes: In order to edit the completed character and its elements, you need to select them all from the Scene Manager and process with GoZ.