The Parameters sub-section can be used to define the direction of the hair, setting the base color strength, the reflection and SSS effects on the hair.

  • Tangent Vector Color: If you do not load any customized Hair Tangent Map, then the system uses this color to determine the direction of the entire hair texture.
  • Diffuse Strength: Use this slider to set the strength of the Base Color without actually changing the original image.

    Diffuse Strength = 0.800

    Diffuse Strength = 2.000

  • Specular Strength:

    Specular Strength = 1.000

    Specular Strength = 1.500

  • Transmission Strength: This value defines how much light is to pass through a hair.

    Transmission Strength = 1.000

    Transmission Strength = 1.500

  • Secondary Specular Strength

    Secondary Specular Strength = 0.000

    Secondary Specular Strength = 2.000

  • Hair Roughness Map Strength: This value set the roughness strength of the hair.

    Hair Roughness Map Strength = 0.555

    Hair Roughness Map Strength = 0.777

  • Hair Specular Map Strength: This setting adjusts the overall strength of the Specular Map.

    Hair Specular Map Strength = 1.000

    Hair Specular Map Strength = 0.300