Exporting FBX Characters

You can export a character in FBX format in order to animate it in your favorite 3D tools, such as 3Ds Max or Maya instead of sending the character to 3DXchange for exporting. 3DXchange Pipeline Version is required.

Export Static FBX Character

To export bone-skinned FBX characters for animation:

  1. Prepare a character (nude or clothed).
  2. Execute the File >> Export to Fbx >> Clothed Character command.

  3. The Export panel:


    • Delete Hidden Mesh: To delete hidden meshes before export. If your purpose for exporting FBX character is creating custom cloth, then please DO NOT activate this box to ensure the integrity of the inner meshes.
    • Lightwave Compatible: Activate this box to ensure the compatibility of FBX character file if your target tool is Lightwave.
    • Rename Duplicated Bone (Unreal): Because Unreal does not accept bones with identical names, activate this box in order that the FBX character file can work normally in Unreal.
    • Create Empty Directory and Save FBX in it: Activate this box to create a new empty folder in which you save the current character as an FBX file.
    • Normal: Choose one of the radio button in accordance to the target 3D tools you want to load the exported FBX file, because the Y axis directions are not identical in these tools.
    • Include Motion: Do not activate this box in this scenario. Please refer to the sections below for more information about the settings in this group.
  4. Load the exported FBX character into your 3D software of choice.
  5. This character is bone-skinned and ready for animation.