Welding Vertices (New for v3.1)

The meshes of an imported model, from Poser and DAZ, may look like one uniform surface, but they are actually composed of separated faces or vertices. The Weld Vertex feature welds adjacent faces and vertices together so that they become one-single surface. This helps to correctly represent the normal and texture alignments making it compatible with the Auto Smooth feature.

Examine Vertex Connection

  1. Select the imported accessory or cloth.
  2. Click the Edit Mesh button in the Modify section in the Modify panel.
  3. Switch to the Element mode.
  4. Click on different points on the surface of the model. The highlighted color will imply if the surfaces are contiguous.
  5. Move the element to ensure if the vertices are connected.
  6. Redo the movement to reset the position of the faces.

Using Welding Vertex Feature

  1. Make sure you leave the Edit Mesh or any other modes.
  2. Select the object and execute the Weld Vertices command under the Modify menu.
  3. Click the Yes button for the pop-up dialog to merge the elements of the object into one piece.
  4. Switch to the Edit Mesh > Element mode again.
  5. Click on the surface. The entire object will be highlighted for modification.