Fixing Eye Close Flaw for Big-eye Character (New for v3.1)

Characters with abnormally large eyes imported via Transformer may experience problems with blinking.

Eyes' blinking is set to 0.

Eyes' blinking is set to 100. The eyes do not come to a complete close.

Fixing Blinking Flaws

  1. Select the character and exported it as an iAvatar.
  2. Load the character into 3DXchange.
  3. Open the Expression Editor by clicking the Expression Editor in the Face Setup section.
  4. Switch to the Muscle tab and select the Eye Blink L cell.
  5. Increase the Eye Blink L slider value until the eye comes to a complete close.
  6. Click the Set button to retain the value adjustments.
  7. Repeat the same steps for Eye Blink R and Eye Blink.
  8. Click the Save Profile button and save the settings as a new profile.
  9. Drag and drop the profile onto the character in Character Creator.
  10. Open the Edit Facial panel and switch to the Modify tab > Eye.
  11. Drag the Eyes Blinks, Eye Blink L or Eye Blink R sliders of the eyes and the flaw is fixed up.

    * You can save the character to the Content Manager and the blinking information will be saved as well.