Material Plus (New for v3.1)

Character Creator provides a new material format: Material Plus, which is a container for compacting multiple materials into one file.

The benefits of using Material Plus are:

  • One click to apply multiple materials to an object (prop, accessory, clothes).
  • One model with multiple Material Plus templates can easily generate many different appearances.
  • The file size can be minimized.

    Multiple Objects with Individual Materials
    Total size: 156 MB

    One Objects with Multiple MaterialPluses
    Total size: 87.5 MB

  1. Select an object (Prop, Accessory, Cloth, Shoes, Gloves, Hair, Eyes and Teeth)
  2. Switch to the Material tab in the Modify panel. Click the Save Material Plus button above the material list.
  3. Pick the materials that you want to pack into the Material Plus file from the panel.

    Click the Save button to save the materials into a single file (*.iMtlPlus).