Options for Applying Character Templates (New for v3.3)

In the Content Manger, is where clothed character templates can be found. By applying one of these templates, you can choose to change the entire character, the base character or the clothes only.

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Launch the Content Manager and switch to the Project or Avatar > Clothed library because the templates inside contain base characters with clothing.

    Project library

    Avatar > Clothed library

  3. Apply either one of the templates (in this case, Hivewire_Huntress), the templates inside contain morph and material data with options for applying the template.
    • Replace All (default): The original character base and clothes will be replace together.
    • Replace Avatar Only: The character base is replaced with the one from the template while the clothes are not.
    • Replace Costume Only: The clothes are replaced with the ones from the template while the character is not.
  4. If the generation of the character or clothes of the template is not identical to the current one, then you will encounter this warning message.

  5. Click the OK button if you want to keep the current skin weight of the applied clothes.
  6. However, if you have encountered mesh penetration, consider one of the following fixes: