Normal Baking Enhancements (New for v3.3)

Using the Transformer for generational conversion such as Game Base and CC1 to CC3 Base, or CC1 and CC3 Base to CC3 Base+, usually involves a lot of texture baking. Before version 3.3, defects will usually occur on the seams of the normal map. This problem gets worse as the UV layout directions between the two meshes deviate more and more. In version 3.3, Character Creator is able to detect the mesh normals direction and mix the data with the normal map to create a seamless transition across UV seams.

Before Version 3.3 (Transformer for Daz G8 Male:
Obvious seams due to the limitations in the normal map baking process.

After Version 3.3 (Transformer for Daz G8 Male:
The uv seams have been eliminated.