Using ExpressionPlus in Character Creator (New for v3.4)

ExpressionPlus (ExPlus) is a new method to perform facial expression for the characters, based on Apple ARKit.

ARKit is also introduced in Character Creator after version 3.4, this enhancement allows you to create more realistic facial expressions and mo-cap the true facial expressions from the real world with the utmost fidelity.

For more information about the facial related features in Apple ARKit, refer to the following sections:

The benefits for the characters with ExpressionPlus applied:

  • ExpressionPlus (ExPlus) contains 11 tongue blendshapes and 52 ARKit blendshapes:
    • ARKit 1:1 Blendshapes: 100% compatible with other engines which support iPhone mocap
    • Edit Facial function has been upgraded
      • Muscle: 3 expression sets, Default, ExPlus and ExPlus_Tongue.
      • Expression: 4 new ExPlus expression presets.
      • Modify: 63 blendshapes under the Custom section.
  • Morph Slider: 7 new tongue morph sliders.
  • Acculips: Work with iClone's latest lipsync function - AccuLips.

Also refer to the following sections: