Hair Specular Direction (New for v3.4)

The hair specularity can be offset to create realistic hair reflectivity, smoothness and moisture.

Without specularity

With specularity

You can find the settings in the Specular Direction section to adjust the specular status of the entire hair.

The sliders are used to affect the color-mapped areas on the mesh based on the ID Map in the Textures section of the shader.

The ... by Black ID sliders are used to adjust the non-white areas, while the ... by White ID sliders are used to adjust the non-black areas.

Notice that the setting in this section affect the Specularity, Indirect Specularity and the Transmission Light simultaneously.

  • Rotate Vertical (Tangent Red): Rotate the specularity up and down.
  • Rotate Horizontal (Tangent Green): Rotate the specularity left and right. The direction goes along with the Rotate Vertical value.

    Rotate Vertical > 0.000

    Rotate Vertical < 0.000

  • Shift: Move the specularity up and down.