Importing Character with Basic or Advanced Modes (New for v3.01)

Character Creator can adopt character FBX file from DAZ 3D or HiveWire 3D freely with Transformer feature. Based on the loading textures requirements, you can convert the character with Basic or Advanced methods.

Keep in mind that both methods can be applied to body Skin, Eyes, Eyelashes, Teeth, Nails, Hair, Accessories, Clothes, Gloves and Shoes.

  • BASIC (Recommended): This method adopts the Diffuse and Opacity (eyelashes only) textures from FBX file; it is fast and you can see the basic look of the materials.
  • ADVANCED: This methods adopts the Diffuse, Opacity, Bump or Normal, AO, Displacement, Specular, Metallic, Roughness maps (or Roughness map converted from Specular map) by auto-detection; however, it takes a longer time for detailed look and occasionally with some texture mistakes if the texture names do not follow the naming regulations.