Auto Suffixes for Identical Material Names (New for v3.04)

When a character is intended for export to a game engine such as Unity or Unreal, then the material names matter. Identical material names will be merged into one material by these engines, which causes wrong material-applying results and loss of resolution. Therefore, Character Creator will automatically suffixes the same material names with numbers.

  1. Prepare a clothed character.
  2. Select the character and check out the material names in the list. In this case, several materials are of the same name.
  3. Execute File >> Export >> FBX (Clothed Character) command.

    Remember to set the Target Tool Preset to Unity or Unreal in the Export FBX panel.

  4. Import the FBX character into your favorite game engines (e.g. Unity).

  5. Show the materials of the character in the game engines. You will find the materials with the same names are automatically suffixed with _(Shader Type)_(numbers).