Exporting FBX Characters with MotionPlus

If you want to export the character in FBX format with both body motions and facial expressions, then you must include the Reallusion Motion file in *.iMotionPlus format when you export FBX files.

Please refer to What is MotionPlus for more information.

Export FBX Character with MotionPlus

Character Creator allows you to export the FBX character with body motions and facial expressions (*.iMotionPlus).

  1. Prepare a character (nude or clothed).
  2. Execute File >> Export to Fbx >> Clothed Character command.

  3. In the following panel, set the export type to Mesh and Motion.
  4. Choose the Custom button in order to include a motion with facial expressions (in *.iMotionPlus format) to the FBX character.
  5. You can then play back in the 3D tool to see the motions and facial expressions at the same time.

    Character with motion and facial expressions in 3D tool.

    The rendered video from another 3D software.