Generating Character with Poses for Art Works (New for v3.04)

In addition to creating character with T-pose for creating morph target mesh, you can also export character with poses for creating CG artwork.

  1. Prepare a character.
  2. Strike a pose for the character.
  3. Execute the File >> Export >> OBJ >> Character with Current Pose command.

  4. Adjust the settings in the Export OBJ Keep Pose panel.
    • Axis: Choose one of the radio button to match the axis coordinate system of your target 3D tool. 
    • Export Materials: Activate this box to export the complete material data of the character.
    • Remove Hidden Mesh: Activate this options to remove the hidden meshes in order that the size of the exported character can be minimized.
  5. Load the exported OBJ character file into your 3D tool. The character's pose and material is imported as well.
  6. You can then create CG art work with the target 3D tool.