Sprite Switch Animations

Once you have a sprite that consists of multiple media, then you may use it to create sprite switching animations. By selecting one of the sprite's media in different time frames, the sprite shows different appearances when played back.

Take note that this feature supports both characters and props.

Creating Sprite Switch Animations

  1. In Stage Mode, click to select a character or a prop.

    The Sprite Switch in the timeline will be displayed in the form shown below:
  2. Click the Sprite Editor button.
  3. Go to another time frame.

    The Sprite Switch in the timeline displays in the form shown below:
  4. Pick one of the media files in the Sprite Editor panel. A switch key is automatically set.
    Please note that in this example, the picked element is an animation.
  5. Play back the project. When it comes to the frame where the key is set, the picked file from the last step will show.