Headshot Morph 1000+

Headshot morph 1000+ is the ultimate solution for morphing character's head in Character Creator. The Shape Adjustment tool of Headshot provides a intuitive way to quickly morph the head and face via a set of exclusive GUI. However it's not easy to cover every single possible morphing demand of a human or a humanoid's head due to the simplified nature of graphical interface. Headshot Morph 1000+ is made for conquering the challenge.

Designed by the most experienced industrial experts of 3D facial animation. There are over a thousand morphs presented in classic Character Creator slider style, comprehensively covers all morph-able parts of the human head, from the skull outline modification to the shape tweaking of every single tooth. Headshot morph 1000+ is not only a boost to achieve hyper-realistic results of Headshot generated 3D heads, but a extremely powerful creative tool set for all existing Character Creator head assets.

For complete guidance regarding all the morph names and morphing parts of Headshot morph 1000+, please refer to the official web page and Headshot morph 1000+ documentation.