Introduction to Mesh Mode

Design Concept

Mesh mode in Headshot serves the purpose of converting 3D heads or bodies, whether stylized or realistic, in OBJ or FBX format into Character Creator 4 (CC4) characters. The resulting models can be effortlessly integrated into Character Creator 4 and iClone 8, allowing users to enjoy intuitive customization. This efficient and cost-effective solution is well-suited for creating high-quality digital human characters.

Key Features

  • Create top-notch characters for CC4 by utilizing 3D heads or bodies in OBJ and FBX formats. With Headshot 2, all you need is a visible front view of the face to work with the model.
  • Achieve stunning detail with the generated textures, featuring a resolution of 4K. This level of quality is ideal for close-up shots and main characters in your projects.
  • Enhance customization using alignment points, allowing for intuitive adjustments that improve the accuracy of specific details on your model.
  • Tailor your character further with the option to choose from three different effective areas. This feature enables easy inclusion or removal of unwanted features in the head mesh, ensuring effective customization.
  • Refine your mesh and CC4 UV map using projection brushes, valuable tools that offer precise control over facial features. These brushes allow you to achieve realistic wrinkles and enhance the overall appearance of your model.

Overall Steps

  1. Obtain a 3D human/head mesh in OBJ or FBX format.
  2. Import the mesh into CC4.
  3. Select the imported mesh model and enter Mesh mode to begin the head generation process.
  4. Utilize the Auto Detection feature in the ALIGN POINTS tool to automatically add alignment points and make necessary adjustments.
  5. Choose the appropriate Effective area type for your head mesh during the HEAD GEN step. This selection ensures optimal accuracy and results.
  6. Utilize the REFINE MESH feature, which offers various brushes for correcting and enhancing your head mesh. These brushes provide flexibility and accuracy for making specific adjustments.
  7. Pay careful attention to the positioning and shaping of the UV map for critical areas such as the ears, eyes, nostrils, and mouth, as errors are more likely in these regions. Take extra care in mapping these areas.
  8. Click the ATTACH TO BODY button to convert the head to a CC4 avatar.
  9. Further refine the character by adjusting skin details and body morph parameters to achieve the desired result.