Source Mesh Requirements

A good 3D mesh model is the key to great results in the Headshot 2 character-generating process. There are four crucial factors to consider before importing your 3D character model into CC4.


The mesh used for generating a 3D character should be in a suitable format. Any format compatible with CC4 will be acceptable, but it is advisable to use OBJ or FBX as they are more widely supported. Please note that only FBX versions below 2018 are supported.

Mesh angle

In Headshot 2, make sure the mesh is facing directly forward without any rotation or tilt. Aligning the mesh's position and orientation in the viewport beforehand improves feature mapping and yields better outcomes. Note that the position and rotation of both the mesh and camera can affect the system's ability to map the face accurately.

Front Straight View

Off Angle View


  • Keep the mouth closed, teeth hidden, and stay away from exaggerated expressions.

    Neutral Expressions

    Strong and Clear Expression

  • Avoid wearing any facial accessories such as glasses, masks, earrings, or piercings, as they can negatively affect the final result and lead to unsatisfactory outcomes.
  • Remove separate accessory meshes and use only the head mesh in Headshot 2. Avoid using head meshes with merged accessories.

    No Accessories

    Have Accessories

  • The character should have humanoid features with standard facial characteristics. Non-human heads will not be suitable and will not produce satisfactory results.





  • To achieve optimal results in Headshot 2, ensure that the front of the face does not have any missing faces and is free from obstructions caused by other objects.

    Complete face mesh

    Face mesh with ears

    Face mesh without ears

    Broken face mesh

  • Any form of hair, including facial hair should be removed for more accurate facial mapping.
  • Head meshes merged with beards and mustaches are not compatible with Headshot 2, while removable counterparts are acceptable.

    No protruding facial hairs

    Hair and eyebrows


    Beard and mustache that cover the mouth, jaw and chin



Bones should be stripped before loading a model into Headshot 2, otherwise they will be automatically removed when imported.

No Skeletal Bones

Have Skeletal Bones