Optimizing FPS

iClone and Unreal are both 3D applications, which consume a lost of system resources. When too much resources are being used, drop-frames becomes a serious problem when recording animations.

Open the FPS information in iClone (Ctrl + F) and Unreal.

When the FPS in either iClone or Unreal is lower than 50, then the recording result will deteriorate. In order to increase the FPS, you can:

  • Install iClone and Unreal to different PC under a same domain; use IP : Port mechanism to link them.
  • In iClone:
    • Set iClone to Minimal mode for real-time rendering.
    • Stop the Physics simulation feature.
    • Stop sending animations of objects that are out of the view by un-linking it with the Unreal Live Link panel.
    • Close any unnecessary panels (such as Timeline or Curve Editor) or toolbars when you want to playback the iClone project.
  • In Unreal:
    • Hide the character that is not involved in recording from the World Outliner.
    • Record separately; it is suggested that each time you link less than 2 characters for recording.