Connecting LIVE FACE

For faster and more stable data transferring, the computer and iPhone that participates in the connection sequence must reside in the same domain. You can choose either of the following methods: USB cable, Hotspot, or shared Wi-Fi.

* It is highly recommended that you connect the iPhone and the computer through a USB cable, in order to avoid a Wi-Fi connection quality issues and to ensure a smoother capture frame-rate.

Once the connection between the iPhone and computer is done, launch the LIVE FACE on the iPhone to get the gear's IP address for completing the facial mocap workflow on the Cartoon Animator client. In this case, using USB connection that comes with the default IP address as shown.

When LIVE FACE is successfully connected to a client, a blue success message will appear on the top and a client logo will shown on the bottom. The Face ID bars on the bottom will also keep changing while you make expressions.