Mocap with Full Screen Mode

It's usually ideal to use Motion LIVE with Full Screen Mode for public performances and impersonations.

  1. Create an iClone scene with one or several characters.
  2. Project iClone to the screen.
  3. In order to hide all the user interface so that audiences can focus on the content in the viewport, go to Window >> Workspace >> Full Screen (shortcut key: Ctrl + 7)
  4. All user interfaces will be hidden except the Main Menu bar and Motion LIVE plugin.
  5. Select the character and make sure the connection between the mocap gears and the character is successful.
  6. Go to Plugins >> Motion LIVE >> Panel Display Setting.
  7. You can then determine how the panels are displayed (in this case, they are all activated).
  8. Press Ctrl + F11 to hide the Main Menu bar. Now only the Motion LIVE plugin panel can be seen on the screen.
  9. Enter the Preview or Record mode, as you can see the panel is now hidden.