Multiple Gears Controlling Multiple Characters

With the flexibility of Motion LIVE plugin; not only can you control multiple characters with one single gear, but you can also control the characters with different gears, including the facial mocap, body mocap and hand mocap gears or devices.

  1. Mount different mocap gears or devices on your PC or any PC on the intranet for capturing facial expressions, body motions and hand gestures and related software. Make sure they all work successfully.
  2. Make sure these devices are capable of detecting and capturing actors' facial expressions, motions and hand gestures.
  3. Apply multiple characters in iClone.

    You should Deactivate the Foot Contact feature of the characters in order to get the best foot motions from the body mocap devices.
  4. Go to Plugins >> Motion LIVE >> Motion LIVE.

    The Motion LIVE panel will show.
  5. Follow the standard steps (Facial Expressions, Body Motions, Hand Gestures) to connect the gear or device to the plug-in.
  6. In the Character List, click the Exclamation button in the Face column for one of the characters you want to control with the device.
  7. Pick devices or gear in the Body and Hand cells for the character.

    Now the picked gears are able to control this character.
  8. Repeat the same steps but select same or different gears for the other character.

    Now the picked gears are able to control this character.
  9. Now the characters are individually controlled by different gears and they are ready for previewing and recording.