Device Settings - NaturalPoint OptiTrack

Motion LIVE plug-in supports NaturalPoint OptiTrack mocap device, which provides a complete mocap solution for production studio. Not only can you capture performances by one actor, multiple actors are also allowed.

For Sending Streaming Data to iClone

  1. After your actors has put on the sensors and Motive is launched, set to Live mode for broadcasting the data stream.
  2. Calibration with the T pose.
  3. Go to View >> Data Streaming Pane.
  4. Click the ... button at the top-right corner of the Streaming panel to show all settings for broadcasting data stream.
  5. Adjust the settings as shown below.
  6. To connect the Motion LIVE plug-in, add the gear to the Gear List and set the IP:Port to the same one at previous step.
  7. Now the OptiTrack streaming data can be transferred to iClone characters.

More About OptiTrack