Device Settings - Qualisys

Motion LIVE plug-in supports Qualisys mocap device, which provides a complete mocap solution for production studio. Not only can you capture performances by one actor, multiple actors are also allowed.

* Keep in mind that Qualisys motion capture system is only supported after iClone v 7.4 and Motion LIVE v 1.02 (included).

For Sending Streaming Data to iClone

  1. After your actors has put on the sensors, launch Qualisys Tracking Manager.
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Execute the Play menu > Play with Real-Time Output command for broadcasting the data stream.
  4. To connect the Motion LIVE plug-in, add the gear to the Gear List (the IP: Port is fixed and can not be edit).
  5. Now the Qualisys streaming data can be transferred to iClone characters.

More About Qualisys