User Interface Introduction for LIVE FACE (New for v1.01)

The LIVE Face iPhone App is a facial motion data capturing tool, that utilizes the true depth camera on an iPhone to transmit your expression data via Apple's blend shape system. It is intuitive to use and it can power up productivity for creating 2D or 3D animations.
With LIVE Face, you can speed up animations and create realistic-looking facial expressions quickly, by controlling characters with your own facial features and head movements in real-time.

* You need to download the LIVE Face iPhone app from the Mac App Store.

Hardware Requirements

  • An iPhone X or later models (compatible with any iPhone / iPad enabled by TrueDepth camera for facial recognition).
  • An iPhone holder (recommended for initial capturing setup).

Software Requirements

  • iOS 11 or later OS versions.
  • The Free LIVE FACE version 1.0.5 or higher from the Mac App Store.
  • iClone Full version 7.22, or higher.



Tap the Info icon to pop up the gear IP address for the connection with a client (mocap data receiver).



Tap the Help icon to show the manual to help you get started with the App and connect to a client (mocap data receiver).


View Port

The viewport shows the real-time image from the true depth camera of an iPhone.


Face IDs

The changing bars indicate that the facial tracking Face IDs and their weights captured via the True Depth camera of iPhone.


Client Logo

The logo of the client (mocap data receiver) will show on the bottom of the App, after it is connected with the iPhone.