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Omniverse Plug-in Online Manual - 2021. Jul. 21st

The Character Creator 3 (CC3) Omniverse Connector adds the power of a full character generation system with motions and unlimited creative variations to NVIDIA Omniverse. Professionals of any skill level can leverage the tools to create digital humans for projects with efficiency and without the need to outsource or forego digital humans due to cost or human resource challenges. Enable rapid character creation, choose animations from a vast library of motion capture, or add and edit custom motion with iClone. For Reallusion iClone and CC users, Omniverse is an incredible addition allowing live coordination with other 3D tools, or with other computers via USD data interchange standard.

(Please type in New for V. 3.43 in the search field to view the new or updated files for version 3.43)

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