Using ExpressionPlus in Face Key Panel (New for v7.9)

In the Face Key panel, you can use ExpressionPlus-related expressions and sliders to set realistic facial expression keys. However, these expressions can only be applied to the CC3+ characters.

  1. Apply a character and make sure it is selected.
  2. Click the Face Key button under the Animation tab in the Modify panel.
  3. In the Face Key panel, switch to the Expression mode, and select the 08-ExPlus Happy Sad, 09-ExPlus Angry Disgust, 10-ExPlus Fear Surprise or 11-ExPlus Tongue items from the Expression Style drop-down list.

    If your character is CC3+ generation without ExpressionPlus facial profile applied, then you will be asked to auto-apply the ExpressionPlus facial profile for replacement. Click the Yes button to apply the profile.
  4. Apply any one of the templates in accordance with your needs to produce the most realistic facial expressions.

  5. Switch to the Modify mode and click the Custom button, there will be 52 morphing sliders for the expressions and 11 morphing slider for the tongue.

    If the character is not applied with the ExpressionPlus facial profile, then the settings in this page are disabled.
  6. Drag the sliders to fine-tune the current facial expression or generate new facial expressions.