Wrinkle Mesh Editing workflow

Utilizing the Face Tools plugin for rapid adjustments and conversion of character expression wrinkles within ZBrush and Character Creator (CC) is an easy process that can be achieved by following the outlined steps below.

  1. In CC, import or open your CC3+ (or later versions) character project.
  2. Go to Modify > Expression Wrinkles > General Setting and enable Activate Expression Wrinkles.
  3. After you have completed the design process, go to the top toolbar and click Face Tools.
  4. The ZBrush Face Tools dialog box will appear.
  5. For the Action field, opt for “Create New” if this character model is being dispatched to ZBrush for the first time.
  6. Under Include, activate the Normal Detail option.

    Enable the Normal option for the facial expressions you wish to edit within ZBrush.
  7. Click the GoZ button near the bottom of the dialog box to send your character to ZBrush.
  8. In ZBrush, go to Zplugin > ZBrush Face Tools to access the plugin.

    Within ZBrush Face Tools, navigate to the Facial Expression section and choose the specific expression you intend to edit the wrinkles for.
  9. Edit the wrinkles using the tools available in ZBrush.

    Default expression wrinkles

    Edited expression wrinkles

  10. Once your editing is finalized, click the Update to Character Creator button near the bottom of the ZBrush Face Tools plugin panel.
  11. Update to Character Creator dialog box will emerge. In the Expression and Wrinkle section make sure Expression Morphs and Wrinkle > Normal are both activated. Under Expressions, you should select only the expressions you have edited to reduce transfer time, then click Update to Character Creator.
  12. In CC, the GoZBrush Dialog box will show up.
  13. Use the default settings and click Update.
  14. Click on Modify > Motion Pose > Motion > Edit Facial.
  15. Within the Edit Facial control panel, navigate to the Muscle section and choose the facial parts that you have edited in ZBrush and those that are located in close proximity.

    Click and drag on the diagram to view the expressions in action.

    Neutral facial expression

    Activated facial expression

  16. Follow the same editing procedure as previously outlined to incorporate new wrinkles onto your character model.

    Facial Expression Type 1

    Facial Expression Type 2

    Facial Expression Type 3

    Facial Expression Type 4