InstaLOD Mesh Optimization - Wearables

If you want to optimize all the objects worn on a character at once - such as the clothes, gloves, shoes, accessories, and hair - you can consider to using this feature instead of optimizing them one at a time.

  1. Create a new project. In this case, the character is from DAZ with extremely high polycount.
  2. Select the objects put on the character and check their polycount (Ctrl + F). The Selected Triangle number is the combined polygon count of the clothes, hair, gloves, shoes and accessories.

    You can set these objects to wireframe mode to view the original topology.
  3. Perform Mesh > Polygon Reduction > Polygon Reduction - Wearables.
  4. The Polygon Reduction - Wearables panel will appear.
    • Recommended Settings: Choose this radio button to use the default optimization algorithm to reduce the polygon count.
    • By Percentage: You can select this radio button to determine the percentage for reducing the face count.
    • By Face Count: If you want to set a precise face count, then choose this radio button and enter the desired number.
    • To learn more about the Bake Texture drop-down list, see Baking Details to Textures.
  5. Choose one of the Optimization radio buttons (in this case, the Recommended Settings) and click Apply.
  6. The polygons of all objects put on the character will be rebuilt and reduced.



  7. Verify the face count of the character's attire.