The Comparison of Cameras

The multiple camera system in iClone contains Preview Camera and Custom Camera.


Preview Camera

Custom Cameras


  • To provide basic operations on the 3D viewer.
  • To observe scene and objects from different angle.
  • To easily transform and move objects.
  • Not adding camera keys to timeline
  • To set camera keys for playback.
  • To finely adjust in the Timeline.
  • To be switched among cameras in Timeline.
  • To be able to Link/Unlink or Look At/Set Free in different point of time.

Key Generating

  • Not Available
  • You may access the Preview Camera and modify it's parameter, but no key is set.
  • Use Preview Camera for data preparation, object transform editing, tasks not involving in changing the final camera keys, or just for previewing the project.
  • A key in a particular frame can be changed or added as soon as the camera view is changed.

Being Toggled by Camera Switcher to Shoot

  • Available
  • Available.

Camera Selection

  • You may select the Preview camera from the Camera List on the tool bar.
  • You may select the Custom camera from the Camera List on the tool bar.

Look At

  • Not Available
  • Available
  • You must enable / disable the Look At feature manually, and it is added as Look At key in the Timeline.