How to apply iMD Data

Motion Director is used to play and record the motions of the character based on an applied iMD Data as the interface between the system and the accessible motions. There are two methods to apply one to the character.

  1. Apply a character in the project and make sure it is selected.
  2. Open the Control Center panel. In this case, the character has not been applied with any iMD Data. Its name becomes red and the Behavior List is empty.
  3. Click the Start button.
  4. If the character has not been applied with iMD Data, then you will be asked to apply one or use the default one.
    • Use the default iMD Data:
      1. Choose the radio button according to the gender of the character.
      2. Click the Apply button.
      3. Click the OK button to start animating the character using a device.
    • Apply an embedded iMD Data from library:
      1. Click the Cancel button.
      2. Go to the iMD Data library of the Smart Gallery.

        Currently, there are three sub-folders: Athletic Run, Female and Male.
      3. Double-click the desired iMD Data template or drag-and-drop the template onto the character.
  5. The character will be ready to be animated by the Control Panel.